New Saturday Afternoon
Colored Pencil Drawing Classes
Starting in January

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Colored Pencil Drawing is a very meditative activity. I teach a tonal layering technique that is very relaxing. Students are usually enthusiastic about colored pencil drawing after they try it out.  My approach to teaching is geared towards helping each individual improve their drawing abilities in a supportive and joyful atmosphere. I will do demonstrations at each class.  Come join us for an 8 week Saturday afternoon class starting January 19th, located in a beautiful art studio at Washtenaw Community College.

This corrected link will take you to the art classes :

Register for colored pencil drawing at WCC online by clicking this link http://www.wccnet.edu/lifelong-learning/browse/view/category/art-photography/


Last Art Show of 2012

Joe and Rosies Coffee & Tea

I just hung my last art exhibit of the year at Joe and Rosies coffee shop in Dexter with my friend Nicki Griffith. Check out her webiste at Nickigriffith.com. We have exhibited together at least three times.
We recently attended a concert by Dianne Reeves and Raul Midón at Hill Auditorium with some good friends. Dianne Reeves has been greatly influenced by Sarah Vaughan and is a wonderful jazz singer. Raul Midon is amazing too. He played guitar and bongos at the same time! Enjoy the links to all of these artists!


Giclee Prints

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
Michigan Cherries, Joyful & Delicious, Berry Bowl
I will be making a print of these three paintings available for sale. The originals are each 14" x 14"  on Stonehenge Paper and have all been exhibited in juried shows.  A Giclee can include all three images in one frame, or each one separately.  Prices are available upon request.


Happy Thanksgiving

Goodbye Autumn
Ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.  I hope you count your blessings during this season. Try to make note of what you do have, and don't concentrate on what you don't have. That is one key to happiness.

Also, here is a link to a wonderful article about Sarah Hale  who is largely responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday.


2013 Annual Arts and Cultural Guide from the Arts Alliance

Ann Arbor's Arts Alliance  2013 'ANN'ual Arts and Cultural Guide came out this weekend. The guide was published in the local edition of the New York Times, and I was very honored to see my artwork on page 9.


The Arts Alliance promotes leadership and creates opportunities for artists and cultural organizations that stimulate economic development and build strong, vibrant communities in our region.
The Arts Alliance is a county-wide organization working to create an environment where culture and creativity can flourish and the arts are accessible to all. We’re an assembly of organizations and people just like you who believe in the power of arts and culture to make our world a better place. The Arts Alliance does the behind-the-scenes work that helps our nonprofit cultural organizations, creative businesses, and artists do what they do best: create great art, celebrate our cultural richness, and help the rest of us understand our world a little bit better.
- from the a3arts.org website


Women Have Power When We Vote
(You Don't Own Me)

Creative expression in politics is effective.  It addresses some women's rights  battles that were supposedly fought and won decades ago!  It is appalling the way many men in our country want to go backwards, and control women's access to health care and contraception.  Please enjoy this video, and respect women. 



Student Work

One of my students, Travis, is a very talented artist. He learned some new techniques using odorless mineral solvents with colored pencil, and produced a beautiful winter landscape. The colors were lovely and he was very successful in producing a soft, mystical looking landscape.


Time to Party (at artist receptions)

I would like to invite all interested art enthusiasts to receptions for four art shows that I am participating in this month. These receptions are free and open to the public. Refreshments are provided.

Great Lakes Small Works (Juried Exhibition)
Riverside Art Center
76 North Huron Street,  Ypsilanti, MI
Reception: Friday October 5 from 5-7 PM

Michigan Colored Pencil 2012 (Juried Exhibition)
Novi Civic Center 
45175 West 10 Mile Road, Novi, MI
Reception: Friday October 12 from 7-9 PM

Ann Arbor Women Artists Fall Juried Exhibition
AA District Library, Main Branch 
343 South 5th Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 
Reception: Thursday, October 18 from 6:30-8 PM

AAWA Group Show with Pam Lindberg and Jim Murrell
Sweetwaters Cafe Downtown Ann Arbor
123 West Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI
Reception: Friday October 26 from 7-9 PM

A few pictures at Sweetwaters
Sweetwaters Reception


Complementary Colors

 I am currently teaching a lesson on doing an underpainting of complementary colors in a simple grape still life.  More colors that are layered in a colored pencil piece add to the complexity and interest in the final piece of art.

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt


Fall Exhibitions

Great Lakes "Small Works "  Juried 2D-3D Exhibition
Reception: October 5,  5-7PM
Riverside Arts Center
76 North Huron Street, Ypsilanti, MI 

ⒸBarbara Goodsitt
Autumn River, Mixed Media

Michigan Colored Pencil 2012, Juried Exhibit
Reception: October 12,  7 - 9 PM 
Novi Civic Center
45175 West 10 Mile Road  Novi, MI

ⒸBarbara Goodsitt
I am happy to say that I have some work accepted into juried shows this fall.
An artist-friend of mine, Christy, had some wise words about acceptance. She said that in many ways, an art juror is like a casting director. He/she picks pieces that they have in mind for a show, the same way a casting director would cast a movie.  Sometimes an artist is right for the part, and sometimes not. They might be looking for a tall blonde, and you happen to be a short red head! (You get the idea) 

I will also be exhibiting some work at Ann Arbor Women Artist Venues
In October and November at Sweetwaters located at 124 Washington Street in Downtown Ann Arbor , and in December and January at Joe and Rosies located at 8074 Main Street in Dexter.


Photography in the Great Smoky Mountains

Today I am featuring some beautiful photography taken by my husband, Mitch Goodsitt, on our travels this summer.  His birthday present was a Canon SLR and he is really enjoying it. Walking down the trails takes a long time because he has to photograph pretty much everything he sees!  I wanted to publish a few pictures, so they can be enjoyed and not hide in our computer.  

Ⓒ Mitchell Goodsitt
Ⓒ Mitchell Goodsitt

Ⓒ Mitchell Goodsitt

Ⓒ Mitchell Goodsitt

Ⓒ Mitchell Goodsitt

Ⓒ Mitchell Goodsitt
The photographer


Fall Classes - Regstration Information

Step by Step Colored Pencil Project
Colored Pencil Techniques, at Washtenaw Community College :

Join Barbara Goodsitt, published illustrator and member of Colored Pencil Society of America for exploration of various colored pencil techniques to create "vivid" paintings from the point of a pencil. you will experiment with color layering, blending, shading, creating textures, composition and more. Learn how to transfer images from photos and sketches. Many demonstrations and individual support art provided to students of every level.Classes Start sept 12- Oct 17 Wednesday evening at Washtenaw Community College.Online Registration http://www.wccnet.edu/lifelong-learning/browse/view/category/art-photography/page/2/

Creative Drawing with Color Pencils, at Ann Arbor Rec and Ed:

You learn basic techniques and explore the creative possibilities of colored pencils when blended with mixed media.  Colored pencil can be combined with watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and colored inks on various surfaces. Have fun with this versatile medium. 8 weeks. Tuesday Afternoons in the Eberbach Cultural Arts Center  at Ann Arbor Rec and Ed Sept. 25- Nov. 13online registration begins August 27 https://activenet14.active.com/aareced/?redir=1



Ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Declaring this done on September 4

Ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

It isn't done yet.
Patience is a virtue and this piece is requiring patience and control.
But, it is also a labor of love.



ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Back to the drawing board!  I am really enjoying rendering berries in this still life. The glass bowl will be the last element that I add to this piece.  

When you become involved with creating art, or anything beautiful, you can feel transported to a different world. These fleeting moments are most precious.


Art, Mansions, and Forests

We just returned home to Ann Arbor  from a trip to North Carolina and Tennessee.  Our first stop, Charlotte, NC, has some really special museums.  The Mint Museum has a wonderful collection of contemporary art, fine crafts, and special exhibitions.  Charlotte will soon be hosting the Democratic Convention, so the Mint Museum is exhibiting  "Read my Pins", Secretary of State Madeline Albright's pin collection.   Besides her outstanding diplomatic career, she is famous for sporting outstanding brooches. This exhibition highlighted the symbolic meaning of each pin and gives you some background on why Secretary Albright wore it during certain negotiations.  I have great admiration for this woman who is a tremendously strong, brilliant, and caring person.  She is a great role model.   Here is a link to an article about the same exhibit, when it appeared in Denver. 

The Biltmore
After spending time in Charlotte we visited the Biltmore, George Washington  Vanderbilt's extraordinary home designed by renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt. It is on a 125,000 acre estate with forests, gardens and a winery (that was added by his descendants). The mansion is the largest home in America. Vanderbilt was highly educated, well read, and fluent in many languages. The Biltmore reflected his taste and wealth.  The science of forestry was developed on this property in the late 1800s by Fredrick Law Olmsted (landscape designer of Central Park). It is a fascinating place to visit.  I also enjoyed my first official wine tasting experience. 

Smoky Mountain National Park
Our next stop was Smoky Mountain National Park which is definitely not suffering from a drought this summer. We enjoyed several good soakings and the spectacular scenery. The natural beauty of the Smoky's is breathtaking and has healing properties. I wouldn't mind returning someday.


Summer Still Life #2
and thoughts on climate change

11" x 14" 
Colored pencils on Stonehenge paper
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

I am doing a series of produce in my glass bowls.  Here are some Michigan cherries. 

Our Michigan cherry crop was drastically reduced this year due to the bizarre weather.  I keep encouraging better ecological policies by joining environmental groups and writing to my legislators. I also drive a hybrid car, and recycle.  If those in charge would have acted more responsibly in formulating our energy policy, we might be in better shape. I hope that we can work to lessen the damage done to Mother Earth.


Summer Still Life

11' X 14" colored pencils on Stonehenge paper
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Beautiful summer produce inspired me to do this piece. These colorful peppers in a glass bowl shouted "delicious and joyful".


University of Michigan Union - Dreamseeding

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Barb will have artwork on display at the University of Michigan Union with the Dreamseeding Show during the month of July. This show seeks to nurture the notion that peace and harmony with all life can be found in our hearts, our communities and our world.


Film Celebrating Women Artists

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
36" x 50" Acrylic on Vinyl

Special video showing of Carol Morris' film "Celebrating Women Artists"on Friday, June 1, 7pm at the Ann Arbor Art Center, 117 W. Liberty St. This newly edited version of a 2007 documentary is about one of AAAC's seminal public art exhibits in which many Ann Arbor Women Artist members and Feminist Project-Michigan artists participated.  Running time: 33 minutes. In all, the 50 imaginative banners were painted by 27 women artists and one man, and displayed on lamp posts downtown.  Nineteen of the artists were interviewed in the film outside under their banners.
Curated by Christy Kelly-Bentgen, the 2006 "Off the Wall" exhibit was in conjunction with Rutger's University Feminist Art Project, and paid homage to "famous" women artists 1950-1980.
 Please note that Tomoko Ogawa, an Ann Arbor artist who was interviewed,  unexpectedly passed away a few years ago.  She was a young and gifted artist whose exceptional homage banner for Yayoi Kusama was used for the logo of the exhibit and the cover of the video.
Carol and Christy willl be at the 7:00 showing for comments. Refreshments".
~ Ann Arbor Women Artists announcement


Drawing Glass and Water

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
My students asked me to do a lesson on drawing water and glass. These are really interesting subjects to render.  You have to draw what you see through the glass and water. The objects appear distorted and actually become abstract shapes.


Trying To Go Vegan ♡

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
My husband and I have been (mostly) vegetarian for many years. Recently, we saw Dr. Sanjay Gupta interview President Bill Clinton on CNN about his battle with heart disease. Clinton is currently following a diet recommended by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, which is designed to prevent and actually reverse heart disease.  

This diet is totally plant based, or vegan. Dr. Esselstyn also discourages eating nuts, avocados and oils such as olive oil.  We bought the book and our family is now vegan when we eat at home. We are slowly losing weight and feeling very healthy.  This diet change was easier for my husband who is a very disciplined and focused person. I occasionally succumb to gastronomic temptation, especially when a Thanksgiving turkey is presented to me!   After many years of being lacto-ovo vegetarians, we became aware that we needed to cut eggs and cheese out of our diet for health reasons. 

I hope that more people will do their best to cut down on the unhealthy foods that are so prevalent in America. It is very hard to make these fundamental changes to one's diet. Food is wrapped up with many strong emotions: love, memories, pleasure, not to mention taste!  Taking small steps towards more healthy eating and getting more exercise is a good plan. A more plant based diet not only helps us individually, but it helps the health of our planet. Raising beef, poultry and commercial fishing practices are depleting resources around the globe as well as causing more pollution that contributes to climate change.    


Creative Colored Pencil Projects

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
Here is a project from my class, Creative Drawing with Colored Pencils.  I ask my students to select an image that is significant to them personally, and have them render it in colored pencil using different hues and values.  The coffee cups were inspired by Andy Warhol and the trees are a variation of a previous colored pencil exercise in blending colors.


Creative Drawing with Colored Pencil ♥

Student Sha, with her work.  
Art students creating.   

Starting April 24th, I will be offering a 6 week course called Creative Drawing with Colored Pencil with Ann Arbor Community Education.  You can create stunning colored pencil "paintings" from the point of a pencil with this versatile medium. We will explore basic techniques and the creative possibilities of colored pencils when blended with mixed media.  Colored pencil can be combined with watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and colored inks on various surfaces. Have fun with this versatile medium. 

6 weeks. Tuesdays, 1:30- 3:30 in the Cultural Arts Building at 1220 South Forest Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.    You can register for classes here by clicking on this link.  Then select Activity Category > Adult Art; or call the office M-F 8am-5pm @ 734-994-2300 for assistance.

"I encourage each artist to find their own style. I want to provide a safe atmosphere for each person to explore their own talents and abilities"


Creating a still life in colored pencil


Still life, colored pencil on 11" x 14" Stonehenge
(click on pictures to enlarge)
Here is a sample of the first steps in a still life demonstration presented to my Saturday morning class. 

Colored pencil is a slow process, but very enjoyable.  The artist mixes colors by layering them over each other. By keeping the point of the pencil very sharp and using a light touch, you can preserve the tooth of the paper. The more colors and layers used will help the artist produce a picture that has a rich blend of color.



Ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

11" x 14" Colored pencil on Stonehenge drawing paper.

The Flower 

 by Barbara Goodsitt

Sunshine pours down:
Acceptance, loving openness, joy and pleasure.
The flower opens.

Darkness comes:
Bringing judgment, insecurity, fear and pain.
The flower closes.

We are flowers cycling through life.
Moods change and unseen powers wash over us,
We do our best.

We have our time to blossom and grow, 
Host a bee, and have our petals plucked.

We have our time to close up and protect.
But being perennial,
We can bloom again in another season.


Mandala's Bring Happiness!

I have really enjoyed making Mandalas over the past couple of years.  Mandalas originate from the Buddhist and Hindu religions.  Here is a video produced by Melissa Shiff,  an artist who uses Jewish symbols to make animated Mandalas. If you are interested, follow the link to  Melissa Shiff's Jewish Mandalas.

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt


The Sunglass Series

ⓒ 2012  Barbara Goodsitt
Here are the first two in my series of reflections from sunglasses.  The bottom piece was taken from a photo of my son on the 4th of July. The top one is a photo of my daughter. It is more creative and I added the image of clouds and a landscape from my imagination.  I hope to use all family members who will cooperate with me :)


Karmic quandary resolved

Karmic Quandary
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

First Sketch
I am done with my Karmic Quandary!  Well, no one is completely done solving existential questions, but this mandala is pretty much finished...YAY!!!  I have started on another piece and feel focused.  There are several juried art shows I hope to enter the next few months. Sometimes my work is accepted, sometimes not, but each experience allows me to create a new piece and grow.

I posted my first sketch, which was half of the mandala. I usually plan out my composition on sketch paper. In this case, I drew half of the design and flipped it horizonatlly to repeat it on the other half. Once that is done, I put on music and apply color!  Thank you to the Pandora Mozart Station for providing background music this week.