Karmic quandary resolved

Karmic Quandary
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

First Sketch
I am done with my Karmic Quandary!  Well, no one is completely done solving existential questions, but this mandala is pretty much finished...YAY!!!  I have started on another piece and feel focused.  There are several juried art shows I hope to enter the next few months. Sometimes my work is accepted, sometimes not, but each experience allows me to create a new piece and grow.

I posted my first sketch, which was half of the mandala. I usually plan out my composition on sketch paper. In this case, I drew half of the design and flipped it horizonatlly to repeat it on the other half. Once that is done, I put on music and apply color!  Thank you to the Pandora Mozart Station for providing background music this week.


Katherine Thomas said...

These are wonderful! Keep posting them, I love the designs you come up with and the colors you combine. They are so exciting!

Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

Thanks Katherine. I enjoy doing this and couldn't stop if I tried :)