2013 Annual Arts and Cultural Guide from the Arts Alliance

Ann Arbor's Arts Alliance  2013 'ANN'ual Arts and Cultural Guide came out this weekend. The guide was published in the local edition of the New York Times, and I was very honored to see my artwork on page 9.


The Arts Alliance promotes leadership and creates opportunities for artists and cultural organizations that stimulate economic development and build strong, vibrant communities in our region.
The Arts Alliance is a county-wide organization working to create an environment where culture and creativity can flourish and the arts are accessible to all. We’re an assembly of organizations and people just like you who believe in the power of arts and culture to make our world a better place. The Arts Alliance does the behind-the-scenes work that helps our nonprofit cultural organizations, creative businesses, and artists do what they do best: create great art, celebrate our cultural richness, and help the rest of us understand our world a little bit better.
- from the a3arts.org website

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