More Artwork from Drawing In Color at WCC (Washtenaw Community College - Community Enrichment)

Here are more photos of work from the artists who took my class, "Drawing In Color" at WCC. There are many talented artists here.  I hope you enjoy looking at their inspiring work. To find out about my upcoming classes, go to my website.

Travis working on a new portrait 
Another view of Travis' portrait
Cynthia's landscape

Barbara's florals

Nancy's still life

Karen's bird (Indigo Bunting)

Janice's fall leaves

Mira's still life

Carolyn's Australian landscape (Uluru)

Jerry's bird (Indigo Bunting)
Dorothy's landscape of rocks

Barbara's fall leaves



Student artwork

We are well into the fall session of drawing in color. I have 19 people in my class and enjoy working with each student as they explore their interest in drawing.  One of my students, Travis Erby, has been juried into the Colored Pencil Society International Exhibition several times.  He won an award for Exceptional Merit this year at the 24th International Exhibition. His piece, "Blow Heart" is pictured below. I am also posting pictures of other talented students who are working on still life projects.

"Blow Heart"  by Travis Erby
colored pencil on black paper




Plein Air Painting

County Farm Park

Argo Park
I am sharing some pastel work done in a Plein Air Workshop led by artist  Nora Venturelli.  Nora is an accomplished artist and University of Michigan Lecturer.  Nora conducts workshops in the US and Italy.  Her demonstrations and critiques are spot on. She lives and breathes the art spirit.

Working "En plein air " is a French phrase meaning open (in full) air.  I was given a portable french easel a few years ago.  I have had wonderful experiences every time I venture outdoors to paint. It is kind of magical to create art in nature.  You can lose yourself in the beauty of the scenery that surrounds you. My painting is more loose when I work outside.  I have a lot of work ahead of me to improve my technique with pastels, and oil painting in the future.  I continue to love working with colored pencils in the studio, but I look forward to growing as an artist by working en plein air.


Washington D.C. Experiences

We were recently in Washington D.C. and Virginia.  The weather was hot and humid, but it was still enjoyable. Washington D.C. is full of fabulous museums, history, monuments and wonderful restaurants.  If you go, I recommend these restaurants: Zytinya (Greek & Mediterranean) and The Sei Restaurant (Modern Asian Cuisine). All of their dishes are amazing and they have vegan options.  I also recommend visiting the United States Holocaust Museum . It is a reminder that we must always be vigilant in fighting anti-semitism and protecting minorities from discrimination and genocide.

My husband and I actually ran into Khizr and Ghazala Khan on a street corner while visiting Washington D.C.They are the Muslim Gold Star parents who spoke at the Democratic Convention. I recognized them and they were so gracious and warm. We thanked them for their sacrifice and for speaking out. They spent a few minutes talking to us about the election. Mr. Khan patted my husband on the shoulder when we said goodbye, and we wished them well. I will never forget this encounter.

Here are photos of some wonderful paintings in the collection at the National Gallery of Art, as well as other sights in D.C.



Van Gough Self Portrait

 (the only DaVinci painting in North America)

World War 2 Memorial

US. Holocaust Museum
Shoes belonging to Jews who were exterminated in concentration camps 

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

Lincoln Memorial (My favorite President)
U.S. Capitol

Rainbow in Virginia


Summer Exhibit

I am exhibiting my art at Sweetwaters on Liberty (604 East Liberty) with fellow AAWA member Jaye Harrer.  Our exhibit will be up through Ann Arbor Art Fair Week at the end of July and the month of August. Please stop in!

© Barbara Goodsitt

© Barbara Goodsitt

© Barbara Goodsitt


Drawing in Color: Landscapes and Metal

© Barbara Goodsitt

My most recent classes of "Drawing in Color" covered rendering copper and drawing landscapes. Two very different approaches to drawing.  The copper pitcher is tightly rendered using a sequence of layering colors from dark to light, then burnishing.  The landscape is very loose. I used the side of my pencil to create the foliage on the tree. To create the sky, I shaved some true blue prismacolor and pressed the powder into the paper. I used an embossing stylus to create texture and lines for the grasses.  



© Barbara Goodsitt
I am putting the finishing touches on my sunflowers. I will be working on the background and the vase a bit more. The unfinished look of the third flower appeals to me, and will preserve it as is.


Sunflowers in Progress

© Barbara Goodsitt

Here is a new piece that is on my drawing board. I demonstrated drawing flowers for my class. Techniques discussed included using complementary colors in an underpainting, and blending with solvents.


2016 AAWA Board Art Show

Click to Enlarge

Looking forward to another art show at the Michigan Union this Spring!


Drawing in Color

Sharon at WCC with her art

We are nearing the end of our winter session of my class,"Drawing in Color" at Washtenaw Community College. This class is  a diverse group. Each person brings unique perspective, creativity and talent to their work.  Here is Sharon, who is enthusiastically exploring art. She produced this excellent whimsical portrait of her cat from a lesson on drawing fur and animals.  I had to capture a picture of Sharon and her artwork.


AAWA Spring Juried Show

My mixed media piece, String Theory, was juried into the Ann Arbor Women Artists Spring  Show.  This show has a large variety of work and will be on display through April 29th. Our Juror is Nora Venturelli who is a lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Art.

String Theory
© Barbara Goodsitt


Assemblage Workshop with Valerie Mann at Maker Works

Valerie Mann is a marvelous local artist who conducted an asemblage workshop for AAWA at Maker Works.  Here are some pictures from the workshop and the assemblage, mixed media piece I put together.  Maker works is  a 14,000 sq ft facility "filled with tools, for builders, makers, artists and tinkerers". It supports the creative community in Ann Arbor.

front view of my assemblage

top view of my assemblage
The morning of the workshop, I had eaten a bagel for breakfast  and was wearing aqua and  purple. I think that influenced my design : ). Many of the shapes in this assemblage were cut out using a laser cutter.

Touring Maker Works

Val Mann at the workshop


Sunglass Series Rediscovered!

© Barbara Goodsitt

I just finished hanging some art at the Raymond James Offices in downtown Ann Arbor. I am one of three artists displaying work there through April.  I have 20 pieces in this show, including some newly framed work from this year.

When I prepared for this show, I went through my portfolios and found these drawings.   I started a series of portraits consisting of sunglass reflections a while ago.   I hope to get back to this, as well as some other projects including farm animals, and abstract landscapes.  I am happy with most of the work I have done, but feel the need to change and explore new techniques and subject matter.  Growing and exploring makes me feel engaged with the world, and optimistic.  When I create art, I get into an emotional space that I was in as a younger person.  I can guess that other artists feel this way too. It is fun, and I am grateful to have an occupation that lets me experience creativity, adventure, and work from my heart.