Plein Air Painting

County Farm Park

Argo Park
I am sharing some pastel work done in a Plein Air Workshop led by artist  Nora Venturelli.  Nora is an accomplished artist and University of Michigan Lecturer.  Nora conducts workshops in the US and Italy.  Her demonstrations and critiques are spot on. She lives and breathes the art spirit.

Working "En plein air " is a French phrase meaning open (in full) air.  I was given a portable french easel a few years ago.  I have had wonderful experiences every time I venture outdoors to paint. It is kind of magical to create art in nature.  You can lose yourself in the beauty of the scenery that surrounds you. My painting is more loose when I work outside.  I have a lot of work ahead of me to improve my technique with pastels, and oil painting in the future.  I continue to love working with colored pencils in the studio, but I look forward to growing as an artist by working en plein air.

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