Washington D.C. Experiences

We were recently in Washington D.C. and Virginia.  The weather was hot and humid, but it was still enjoyable. Washington D.C. is full of fabulous museums, history, monuments and wonderful restaurants.  If you go, I recommend these restaurants: Zytinya (Greek & Mediterranean) and The Sei Restaurant (Modern Asian Cuisine). All of their dishes are amazing and they have vegan options.  I also recommend visiting the United States Holocaust Museum . It is a reminder that we must always be vigilant in fighting anti-semitism and protecting minorities from discrimination and genocide.

My husband and I actually ran into Khizr and Ghazala Khan on a street corner while visiting Washington D.C.They are the Muslim Gold Star parents who spoke at the Democratic Convention. I recognized them and they were so gracious and warm. We thanked them for their sacrifice and for speaking out. They spent a few minutes talking to us about the election. Mr. Khan patted my husband on the shoulder when we said goodbye, and we wished them well. I will never forget this encounter.

Here are photos of some wonderful paintings in the collection at the National Gallery of Art, as well as other sights in D.C.



Van Gough Self Portrait

 (the only DaVinci painting in North America)

World War 2 Memorial

US. Holocaust Museum
Shoes belonging to Jews who were exterminated in concentration camps 

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

Lincoln Memorial (My favorite President)
U.S. Capitol

Rainbow in Virginia

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