Ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

11" x 14" Colored pencil on Stonehenge drawing paper.

The Flower 

 by Barbara Goodsitt

Sunshine pours down:
Acceptance, loving openness, joy and pleasure.
The flower opens.

Darkness comes:
Bringing judgment, insecurity, fear and pain.
The flower closes.

We are flowers cycling through life.
Moods change and unseen powers wash over us,
We do our best.

We have our time to blossom and grow, 
Host a bee, and have our petals plucked.

We have our time to close up and protect.
But being perennial,
We can bloom again in another season.


Mandala's Bring Happiness!

I have really enjoyed making Mandalas over the past couple of years.  Mandalas originate from the Buddhist and Hindu religions.  Here is a video produced by Melissa Shiff,  an artist who uses Jewish symbols to make animated Mandalas. If you are interested, follow the link to  Melissa Shiff's Jewish Mandalas.

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt


The Sunglass Series

ⓒ 2012  Barbara Goodsitt
Here are the first two in my series of reflections from sunglasses.  The bottom piece was taken from a photo of my son on the 4th of July. The top one is a photo of my daughter. It is more creative and I added the image of clouds and a landscape from my imagination.  I hope to use all family members who will cooperate with me :)