Working on Sanded Pastel Paper

UART Pastel Paper Website

The UART Company makes a great sanded pastel paper that is used by many colored pencil artists.  A very talented Michigan colored pencil artist, Lynda Schumacher, introduced me to this paper.  I was used to working on  acid free illustration board or Stonehenge Paper (which I also love).  It took me a while to feel comfortable working on this sanded surface, but I finally did a piece I was proud of on the 800 grit paper. This drawing is of a Red Tower Ginger Plant.  I really like the softer more painterly quality.
I submitted the image of this piece to UART and they posted it in their gallery!  I am tickled to be there, among many colored pencil artists whose work I have admired for a long time.  


Teaching Colored Pencil Drawing

My first Life Long Learning students at Washtenaw Comunity College
I have a great time introducing people to colored pencil drawing. We start with excercises to acquire skills in developing values. We then move to tonal layering.  My students are just great and it is so much fun to watch them develop their skills and talents.

 Above is local graphic designer Karen Moeller. Check out her website at www.moedesign.com.  She has won awards for her work and her talent is evident in her colored pencil art here. I will be posting more pictures of my students work on my webpage at www.BarbaraGoodsittStudio.com

Artists Young Cho (with maple leaf drawing) and Alice McKeown (with pumpkin still life) display some really nice work too!