Teaching Colored Pencil Drawing

My first Life Long Learning students at Washtenaw Comunity College
I have a great time introducing people to colored pencil drawing. We start with excercises to acquire skills in developing values. We then move to tonal layering.  My students are just great and it is so much fun to watch them develop their skills and talents.

 Above is local graphic designer Karen Moeller. Check out her website at www.moedesign.com.  She has won awards for her work and her talent is evident in her colored pencil art here. I will be posting more pictures of my students work on my webpage at www.BarbaraGoodsittStudio.com

Artists Young Cho (with maple leaf drawing) and Alice McKeown (with pumpkin still life) display some really nice work too!


Mike said...

The drawings done by Karen look like photographs.
I have posted the photo and a link to the site here.

Barbara Goodsitt said...

If you were to see them in person, you would not say that they look like photographs. Yes, they are realistic, but the delicate drawings are elegant in person, and not really photorealism.

Katherine Thomas said...

I want to come to one! I'm going to have to get a plane ticket and get there! Would you consider joining a new artists group? I'd love to see what you come up with for the theme "Candy and Sweets." http://littleartclub.blogspot.com/

Barbara Goodsitt said...

Katherine, It would be fun to have you join the class. Sounds like you live really far away though :(

I will join your artists group-- and LOVE that there are no deadlines.