AAWA's Busy Summer

Pop-x Pavilion coming in October 2015

AAWA "Team Pop-x"
Ann Arbor Women Artists is busy this summer. We have a team of artists preparing an art installation to go in the Pop-x Festival. Pop-x is a ten day festival, October 15-24, of Pop up art pavilions in Liberty Plaza Park. You can read more about it here: http://www.annarborartcenter.org/pop-x/.  Our team is led by members Susan Clinthorne and Lidia Kaku. We will have an exquisite pod that is a tribute to "The Picnic". Former EMU art professor Ellen Wilt is our muse behind this idea. I am  participating and it is a joyful, creative group!

David Zinn and AAWA Vice President Patricia Davenport
In addition to our team working on Pop-x, AAWA held a wonderful workshop with talented local artist, David Zinn.  He showed us some of the secrets behind his whimsical street art that is gaining global recognition. Check out David's website at http://zinnart.com.  His teaching style is as fun as his artwork.

AAWA Board Art Show at the University of Michigan Union
AAWA also held our first Board Art show in five years at the University of Michigan Union. It was very well received and we have scheduled another exhibition at the same spot for May 2016.

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