VegFest and Daryl Hannah

Barb and Daryl Hannah

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This past weekend I attended VegFest Michigan. The headline speaker was Darryl Hannah, who spoke extemporaneously about the many reasons to be vegetarian and try to live a sustainable life style.  She is a very articulate and inspiring speaker.  It is beneficial to our bodies and the planet to eat less meat and consume less fossil fuels.  Ms. Hannah is living off the grid by using solar power and biofuels. Her philosophy is "Love Life".   Being as kind and compassionate as you can has its own reward. It is not easy for people to totally give up a way of eating that has been practiced for centuries by our families and culture, but science shows that better health does result from eating a plant based diet.

Michigan VegFest was attended by thousands of people right here in the heartland of America. More people are becoming aware of living a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. Each year our numbers grow and many corporations are changing to accommodate our wishes (and get our business). Change is happening from the grass roots level and I feel encouraged.

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