New Art Work

I had a lot of fun with this piece. It is a very stylized hydrangea drawing.
Prismacolor Pencils, Icarus drawing board, 18" x 24" on Stongehenge Paper

© Barbara Goodsitt

© Barbara Goodsitt
Here is a whimsical piece. This will be included in the display by the Michigan Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America  at the National Convention in Florida this summer.
Prismacolor Pencils, 6" x 12" on U-art sanded pastel paper


Exploring a Combination of Techniques with Colored Pencils

© Barbara Goodsitt

I am working on another piece that is carrying through on the theme of hydrangeas.  This is a detail photo of a work in progress (WIP). I combined several  drawing techniques such as making an  impressed line, sequential tonal layering, and using an Icarus heated drawing board. I felt influenced by asian art, creating a flat, more decorative style here. I  will post the final piece when it is finished.

Drawing bright, colorful flowers is fun considering the winter we have had in Michigan. Even though I have been busy teaching and doing some traveling, the record snowfall and cold has been affecting my mood.  I am really looking forward to spring this year.