Squiggly Line Figure Drawing

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Ann Arbor Women Artists recently rented a space where we have several artists studios, hold workshops, meetings, lectures and life drawing sessions.

I joined the life drawing group. Here is my most recent figure drawing done with colored pencils. I  experimented with a squiggly line technique that was inspired by John Smolko's beautiful colored pencil paintings. This was done in a two hour sitting.


Katherine Thomas said...

That's a great portrait! I'm so impressed at the artistry and creativeness of that style. Are you coming down this way to see John Smolko's exhibition at Wilmington College? I heard it's really amazing.

Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

Thank you Katherine! This was a lot of fun to do too.

John Smolko exhibited with us (Michigan CPSA Chapter) in our October 2012 Juried show. I saw a couple of his big portraits there. Wilmington College is a four hour drive for me, so I don't think I will make it to see that show! If it were closer, I would go!