Benefits of Participating in Creative Arts

I wanted to share some of the work my WCC students are doing this session.  It is exciting to see how each person explores art in their own way. These students come from diverse backgrounds.  Many people discover a talent they did not know that they possesed. Some of my students studied art many years ago, but left it behind to pursue a more lucrative career or raise a family. People who participate in creative arts benefit both emotionally and physically.  
You can be creative with visual arts, music, dancing, cooking, and the list goes on... I hope you all find a way to add creativity to the things you do.  Life is good!



ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
Peace & Happiness

One of the exercises I give my class is to design a personal mandala. I urge them to work spontaneously, letting their subconscious guide their design and color choices. 
Drawing and painting mandalas can help you to harmonize your harsh emotions, ease your pain, regain your trust in yourself and believe in your life again.  As one who absorbs thoughts and feelings from others, I find creating a mandala as a way of becoming empowered with my own values and common sense.

We also incorporate some color blending techniques into the piece. 
Here are some meanings of color choices:

Red – strength, enthusiasm, passion, willpower, authority, survival.
Yellow – intelligence, curiosity, vigilance, new goals, arrogance.

Orange – vitality, ambition, self-respect, optimism, joy.
Green – change, fertility, rejuvenation, healing, freedom, carefulness
Blue – harmony, contentment, calmness, trust, communication, loyalty
Pink – sensibility, vulnerability, protection, care, unconditional love, melancholy.

Brown – "roots”, stagnation, safety, self-doubt, solidity, suppressed energies.

White – relief, innocence, clarity, timeless. 
Purple – humane, idealistic, spirituality, meditation, passivity, estranged.

Black – loss, depression, fear, secrets, rebirth. 


Cloud on Mt. Haleakala

Cloud on Mt. Haleakala
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

The natural beauty of Hawaii is too exquisite for words.  This photograph was taken several years ago. I hope that many more generations will be able to enjoy this special place.