Contemporary Realism

Contemporary Realism
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New Work

Frada's Butterfly
Colored pencil on Stonehenge drawing paper
© Barbara Goodsitt

Underwater Garden
Colored pencil and ink on dark-Stonehenge drawing paper
 © Barbara Goodsitt

Here are two pieces that I plan to exhibit in upcoming art shows. The top piece is based off of a photo reference from my friend Frada.  I named it in her honor. The bottom piece is based off of my own photo reference taken at the Denver Aquarium.  As climate change worsens, I continue to worry about the fate of our planet.  Plants and animals suffer in the wake of human greed and thoughtlessness.  I will continue to make art that expresses my appreciation of nature and pray that we are able to turn things around.


Jennifer Rose said...

love the colours and good luck with the show

Barb Goodsitt said...

Thank you!