Sunglass Series Rediscovered!

© Barbara Goodsitt

I just finished hanging some art at the Raymond James Offices in downtown Ann Arbor. I am one of three artists displaying work there through April.  I have 20 pieces in this show, including some newly framed work from this year.

When I prepared for this show, I went through my portfolios and found these drawings.   I started a series of portraits consisting of sunglass reflections a while ago.   I hope to get back to this, as well as some other projects including farm animals, and abstract landscapes.  I am happy with most of the work I have done, but feel the need to change and explore new techniques and subject matter.  Growing and exploring makes me feel engaged with the world, and optimistic.  When I create art, I get into an emotional space that I was in as a younger person.  I can guess that other artists feel this way too. It is fun, and I am grateful to have an occupation that lets me experience creativity, adventure, and work from my heart.