City Club Art Show

I will be showing my art with several other artists who specialize in colored pencil at the Ann Arbor City Club in September and October.

I was recently asked to write about my art for a local Colored Pencil Society Assoc. Newsletter. Here are some of my thoughts:

My favorite subjects for my colored pencil art are still lifes of produce and flowers. I love the beautiful colors and shapes of produce, and feel grateful for the plentiful bounty of food we have in our country.  There may be other subconscious reasons why I enjoy rendering produce. My husband and I became (mostly) vegetarian many years ago and we have a positive attitude towards fruits and veggies. Also, my late father became a vegetable farmer in his "retirement".   Sometimes I think he might be guiding me to draw vegetables.

I also enjoy drawing Mandalas which are guided by spiritual feelings. They are usually somewhat abstracted circular drawings with symbols, colors, and  patterns.  I combined these two favorite styles when I did a series of produce in circular glass bowls. I have those on my website and also on my Twitter page. I like to work with a circular overlapping stroke most of the time. I occasionally use watercolor pencils, solvents or the Icarus heated drawing board with my colored pencils.

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