Colored Pencil Workshop - Summer of 2014

I just wrapped up teaching a two day work shop with Ann Arbor Continuing Education and Recreation. I usually teach weekly art classes. Compressing a series of lessons into two intense days worked out very well. It was a wonderful experience for all of us! 

My class consisted of a diverse group of students. Each one brought specific talents, ideas, and skills with them.  All seemed to get something out of the workshop.  I received some wonderful thank you emails from the class.  It made my heart swell to feel appreciated and to know that the students were excited about art, creativity, and felt that they had gained competence in their drawing ability. 


110 Degrees in the Shade!

We just returned from Arizona. This is the first time we traveled to the desert in June, a very warm month!   We enjoyed visiting Frank Lloyd Wright 's winter residence/school Taliesin West. We also visited the Arizona State Museum on the campus of the University of Arizona. The Native American pottery collection is outstanding. 

Spire Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Boomerang Jar by Hopi/Zuni Potter Les Namingha

Taliesin West 

Native American Pottery Collection 

at the Arizona State Museum

Another view from Taliesin West