At Biosphere 2
We just returned from a lovely trip to Tucson.
One week of sunny blue Arizona skies was a great break from our gray Michigan winter! There are so many wonderful things to see, including the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and  Biosphere2, "where science lives"! We enjoyed a great tour and I highly recommend the trip. 
Disturbed Prairie Dog
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

Sonora Desert Museum
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt
Sonora Desert Museum
ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

ⓒ Barbara Goodsitt

I recently completed a composite pet portrait for my outstanding pet sitter Bobbie Mann who owns Lit'l One Pet Sitting & Dog walking. She is a wonderful person who takes great care of our pets when we are gone. She is the proud owner of SEVEN Havanese! They are so cute and wonderful companions.


Teresa Mallen said...

That Arizona sun must have been fantastic - it hasn't been too sunny here of late either! And gosh those horns look heavy, no? :-) Having a great pet sitter is truly wonderful. I am sure she loves this portrait of her dogs - all seven of them - wow!

Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks for your comments.
The sun is just wonderful and I miss it already.
Those of us in the northern colder climates have to search out bright and cheery places to make it through to spring!

Arlene Dietz said...

Hi, Barbara-You are so inspiring, love the drawing of the dogs. I also heard that you have some beautiful drawings displaying at Curves!

I had hoped to explore the creative side of myself this winter, but I will have to wait until spring to sign up for your class.

Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!


Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

Thank you Arlene! I hope you have a wonderful New Year and look forward to seeing you around AA!