Flowers in February (work in progress)

I am making some progress on this piece.   The warmer colors are put down dry and in sharper focus to bring the flower image to the foreground.  I am adding waterdroplets to the flower in the forground and using solvents and burnishing to create a blurry background area.  I think this is 80% complete. 


Flowers in February (work in progress)

Our thermometer read -1 degree Fahrenheit this morning!
I have been working on this floral piece while the temperatures plummet. I think it is keeping me optimistic that spring will be here soon.  I am using this piece as a lesson in one of my Colored Pencil Drawing classes on combining solvents with colored pencils. This is also an example of how to make some objects "read" in the foreground, and make other elements fade to the background. Working on beautiful flowers is a joy for me, especially in the winter.


True Grit!

Ann Kullberg is publishing a new Colored Pencil Magazine.  I am very excited about having an article in this  publication. I wrote about my process drawing the Red Ginger Tower Plant. It is titled True Grit.  In my case, the grit is 800 UART sanded pastel paper. This piece has also been featured on the U-Art Website.  Colored Pencil enthusiasts  will love this magazine. The art work and articles are informative and inspiring. 
If you are interested in buying this edition of the magazine you can go to the following link:  http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/156121