Learning to draw a drop of water

One of my students' favorite lessons is learning to draw a drop of water.
This is actually not a very hard thing to learn to draw, and it gives a new colored pencil artist a great feeling of accomplishment. For those of us who like to do representational art, there is a great delight in successfully producing a very realistic drawing.


Gigi Minor said...

Do you have a tutorial on how to draw a drop of water?

I would love to learn : )
Thanks so much!

Gigi Minor
Pinks & Needles

Barbara Goodsitt said...

I don't have a tutorial, but other than the information in my classes. I can recommend Janie Gildows book: Colored Pencil Solutions for a quick review. Gary Greene has a video with a great tutorial too!

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Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for your nice comments.
I am on facebook, just search for my name, Barbara Goodsitt.