Finished the Spiral Aloe Vera Plant

Ok, I am declaring this done. The warm desert is calling me back after enduring a hard Michigan Winter. It has been a rough one weather wise.
Colored pencils always make it better though.
My Ann Arbor Rec and Ed classes have been great, a really nice bunch of people who seem interested in cp and are making progress each week. I think we are all artists, it is a matter of putting in the time and practice if you enjoy it.


Teresa said...

I am glad to see the results are well seen with aloe vera. i have seen some products at my local heath store with aloe vera and was just wondering if this was as effective as using the gel from the plant. I usally get huge red bumps, that leave scars on my face.but ever since i have been using aloe vera on my face it has changed dramatically. its really cheap and pure too.

Teresa said...

Glad to hear you’re all enjoying it! As for the aloe, I buy 100% pure aloe as well, and I keep it in the fridge. Like I said before, I have never had a problem, and I always keep mine in a jar, too. It is way to thick to put in a pump. I like to use amber or cobalt colored jars to keep the sunlight out. I’ll have to look into the aloe issue some more!