Finished the Spiral Aloe Vera Plant

Ok, I am declaring this done. The warm desert is calling me back after enduring a hard Michigan Winter. It has been a rough one weather wise.
Colored pencils always make it better though.
My Ann Arbor Rec and Ed classes have been great, a really nice bunch of people who seem interested in cp and are making progress each week. I think we are all artists, it is a matter of putting in the time and practice if you enjoy it.


Here is the spiral aloe vera, still a work in progress. I am pretty much done with the box, and I am still working on the leaves of the plant and the sky. I am having a lot of fun drawing this plant!! We are friends. I love its welcoming open look.


Aloe Vera Plant with Sky and Wood

This is a post about a WIP, work in progress.
I am in love with the landscape of the southwest. There is great beauty in the cactus, aloe vera plants and the colors of the landscape. Here is a piece that I am working on using Prismacolor Pencils, Derwent Coloursoft Pencils, and also odorless mineral spirits.
I was fascinated with the spiral pattern in this plant and made a composition contrasting it to the sky with billowy clouds and a piece of weathered wood.